Research — Revenue — Research: A Greatest Gift to Humanity

Regardless of the discipline, research can generate revenue and assist in humanitarian efforts. It is dedicated to all researchers, paying them a sincere honor of gratitude for motivating millions of others and solving problems that have never been solved. This article is intended to encourage those thinking of getting involved in activities such as academia, research, and development in industry, innovation summits, etc. This article aims to motivate the community by means of several interdisciplinary ways to contribute to research. In this article, I would like to focus on developing the awareness of using artificial intelligence in healthcare and intelligent transportation systems.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)in Healthcare

There are certain parameters in modeling and simulation that are challenging for humans to estimate and predict, and using artificial intelligence has proven to be a very promising approach. There is no doubt that early detection of diseases like cancer can make a significant difference when it comes to saving lives. Artificial intelligence can be used to learn how the body processes medicines and drugs, which is one of the most promising applications of AI in healthcare. It is possible for the models to learn intrinsically by using curiosity functions. In addition, it is possible for them to make pattern charts that can be used to predict similar results in the future. With the advent of the internet of bio-nano things, the human body has been able to communicate outside its immediate surroundings. It is helpful to receive data that enables us to learn the effectiveness of medicine when applied against an incurable disease. There is no doubt that it is a noble task to undertake…!

Artificial Intelligence to Intelligent Transportation Systems.

It is a tremendously overwhelming experience to hear your car telling you about the state of its own health. With this application, you will feel as if you are parenting your car. This is because it will tell you about physical values such as the cabin temperature, engine rpm, and engine health. Additionally, as a result of the need to provide infotainment, multimedia, and broadcast basic safety messages through the car at all times, the need to connect the car with cellular or ad hoc networks in order to supply these services becomes imperative. Cloud computing, edge computing, and even fog computing are some of the technologies that are used to learn, store, and process physical, and traffic parameters. This is in order to make a practical prediction of the route a truck should take. It is possible to make impactful decisions with the help of artificial intelligence here, such as when to detour and when to postpone the route. Additionally, wireless services can be optimized to ensure seamless connectivity by allocating resources so that they can be allocated optimally.

I believe that solving problems with technology in order to make the world a better place will bring you a great deal of happiness. It would be great if this motivated the community in some way!



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